Fit World Fitness


‼️ Dear Members ‼️ 

❌ As you were informed, the Hungarian government has implemented preventative measures against corona virus. We are keeping a close eye on the policy and its changes as well as we have been fully aligned with it.
❌ We will keep you posted on our social media profiles in case we need to take steps that would cause any effect on the daily life of gym.
❌ In case you feel sick or develop any symptoms (such as coughing, running nose, fever, diarrhea); please stay home!
❌ Please wash your hands before and after leaving the gym.
❌ Please use the hand sanitizers (one next to the reception desk and one in next to the cardio zone) while in the gym to prevent the spread of germs.
❌ If you can, limit the physical contact (such as handshake) you make with other members.
❌ After every aerobics class, please follow the guide of the trainers on how to properly disinfect the equipment.
❌ We will decrease the limit of people of some aerobic classes, so you do not have to stand so close to each other. As well as all classes will last 50 minutes so the used equipment can be disinfected before the next class.
❌ All the equipment in the gym is being disinfected several times a day.

✅ Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Fit World Team