Fit World Fitness

The Fit World reopen

🔜 Fit World Fitness will be re-opened from the 4th of May. During weekdays the opening hours are 6.00 am to 10.00 pm and on the weekends 7.00 am to 7.00 pm

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented stricter policy which you must follow if you are visiting the gym:

🔹 If you exprience any symptom of sickness, stay home and do not visit the gym until you are completely healthy. 

🔹 At the same time, apart from the staff, we will only be able to have 25 members in the gym in order to make sure the weight room desn’t get crowded. 

🔹 Members above 65 cannot visit the gym as they are at higher risk to catch the virus. 

🔹 Please keep 1,5/2 metres from each other; especially if you are queuing in the reception area. 

🔹 Please only stay in the reception area if you are waiting for a key/your membership to be renewed. Noone can stay around at the side of the receiption desk; please keep the entrance line for the weight room cleared. 

🔹 If you can, please do not use the lockers. Please note that the management will temporarily close lockers so there will be more space to keep a healthy distance from each other. 

🔹 Please use your towel when you sitting on the benches as well as make sure you disinfect them and the lockers after using them. 

🔹 Please, if you can, do not use the showers. 

🔹 The sauna will be closed. 

🔹 Please make sure you use the hand sanitizer when you enter the gym. You must wear a clean pair of shoes and use a large towel (to cover the whole surface of the machine/bench you are using) in the gym. 

🔹 You must disinfect all the equipment you have used (please make sure you clean all the surfaces: benches, plates, handles, bars, dumbells etc.) 

🔹 Please use the hand sanitizers multiple times while in the gym and after you have left the weight room. 

🔹 Please avoid gathering with each other while training. 

🔹 Please note that the aerobic classes are temporarily cancelled. If you have an active aerobic membership you can use it  to enter the weight area. 

☝️Members who fail to fulfill the above mentioned precautions will be asked to leave the gym and their memberships will be cancelled without refund. 

💙Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in these hard times.💙